ArcPro Pipe Welding School

Welcome to ArcPro Pipe Welding School!

We are a small, hands-on school specializing exclusively in pipe welding skills. After only a few months' training, our graduates have the ability to earn first-class pay on the job welding pipe for any industry.

Can You Handle the Pressure?

ArcPro Welding School student

Pipe welding is a demanding field, where every weld must meet the most stringent construction codes in the industry. Piping systems are the backbone of any major factory or plant, transporting fluids for power or processing needs. These systems can carry high-temperature or high-pressure materials and must be built with the highest standards of quality and safety in order to protect the workers and the community they serve. As a pipe welder, you are responsible for every weld you make.

Since 2008, we've been training the Gulf Coast's best new pipe welders to earn a living for their families in a high-demand, rewarding industry. If you are ready to work hard in a field where every weld counts, make an investment in yourself and join us to learn a craft that will last you a lifetime.

Financing is available for qualified applicants.
We are also approved for the G.I. Bill.